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Shawn & Deb Hawk

Carpet Cleaning
Hawk's Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services
Upholstery Cleaning
​Our preferred carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction, using powerful, heat generating Prochem extractors. We also offer low moisture cleaning, utilizing encapsulation and bonnet cleaning. We pre-vacuum, vacuum & scrub edges, address spots, wipe baseboards, and move most furniture (We do not move large electronics, pianos, grand-father clocks, china cabinets, or any furniture we feel will not tolerate being moved). We pride ourselves in not overwetting the carpet, and also set up powerful air movers to start the drying process, resulting in shorter dry times.
At Hawk's Carpet Cleaning and Restoration we provide our customers quality, professional services. Our staff is knowledgeable, professional, and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:
​We clean a wide variety of synthetic and natural fibers utilizing dry cleaning with a Dry Solvent and hot water extraction. With the extraction method, we pre-vacuum, apply cleaning agent, agitate, extract, then hand agitate with a towel to start the drying process and help remove any excess soil.
Tile and Grout Cleaning
We use a cleaning agent process, based on alkaline to acid then back to alkaline, so we actually clean the tile and grout three times. A tool designed for our truck-mounted extractor, uses heat and water pressure, with a great amount of vacuum suction, to thoroughly rinse away the dirt and grime, from the tile and grout. We can also clean showers and vertical surfaces utilizing a similar hand-held tool called a SX-7. We also seal  the grout line,if desired, with a Premium Hydro-Force Grout & Stone Sealer.
Hard Wood Floor Cleaning
​The Dirt Dragon Wood Floor Cleaning Machine uses a cylindrical brush specificly used to clean hardwood floors without damaging the finish. Exclusive water containment/Vacuum system leaves the floors completely dry. The system removes dirt from the floor and restores a uniformed sheen. The first step is to scrub with the Dirt Dragon using an aggressive wood floor cleaner called I.F.T. The second step is to scrub using the Dirt Dragon to apply a product called squeaky which prepares the floor for the new finish. The the third step is to apply a hardwood floor refinisher with a microfiber pad .(two to three coats can be applied)